Mango Mania

Update 8/12/2020:

Mangoes are here:

Mango pick up time is 15th Dec 2020 from 6:45pm at the Scout Hall 22 Woods St. Ascot Vale.

Please email fundraising if you can’t make that time.

Update 8/12/2020:

Mango Mania is closed. Thank you to all that ordered. We got 104 trays.

I want Mangoes, just show me the order form.

Fresh North Queensland Mangoes

Direct from the farm to you!
Mango Mania 2021

If you love mangoes, here’s your chance to indulge in fresh juicy Kensington Pride mangoes and support our fundraising drive.

Just like last year, we are selling trays of mangoes picked and packed during the premium harvest.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restriction only just being lifted, we have a shorter time to place an order, so you will need to order promptly!

This year there has been a very poor crop, so while the trays will still contain 8-16 mangoes, they will be smaller in size and weight. Due to the smaller sized trays, the price will reduced.

Due to the shortage of mangoes, we are limited in the number of trays we can purchase, so it will be first in, first served.  We ask that you only purchase a similar number of trays as last year to allow everyone, particularly new families, to have a chance.

Cost per Tray is: $22

Place your order and pay by: 12th November 2021

For further information please contact:

We will get a delivery of the Mangos to the Scout Hall @ 22 Woods St. Ascot Vale on the 14th December. You will need to pick up the mangoes from the Scout Hall that afternoon/evening.

Details will be sent to the email address you submitted in the form below. You will get a confirmation email from the Form.
Please email if you do not get the confirmation email.
If we cannot email you then we cannot advise pick up details and you will miss out on your mangoes.

Current retail prices are about $2.00 each for about 375g Mangoes.

Assuming the mid point of quantity per tray (12), then that is $1.83 per mango, and the Groups gets a cut too.

What to do:

  1. Ask family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.
  2. They can order via you, or direct them to this web page.
  3. If ordering via you, then: Collect money from those who you are ordering for and keep a record of those who have ordered via you, so that you can deliver them.
  4. Transfer the total payment for your orders into the Group bank account:
    “15th Essendon Scout Parents Committee”  BSB 633000 Account 137630901.
    Please use the bank reference/description “Mango {lastname} in the bank deposit details.
    ‘Mango’ prefix helps our Treasurer identify your deposit as Fund Raising and your lastname helps to reconcile who the payment is from.
  5. Fill in the order form below.
  6. You can repeat the above steps if you need.
  7. We’ll email you once the mangoes are ripe and we know the delivery details, and to arrange for you to pick up your total order on the delivery day.  Bring on the taste of summer!
  8. You distribute the mangoes to your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.
  9. Non Group members can pick up from the hall too, but we will need some form of ID that correlates to the details provided in the form below. Or you can make delivery arrangements with the person that referred you this page. They might pick up for you.

What can you do with a tray (or more) of Mangoes?

• Half a mango in school lunch boxes is popular with many youth.
• Mangoes freeze well for smoothies and daiquiris.
• Partially defrosted mangoes are an easy family summer dessert served with ice cream.
• Frozen mangoes can be used in cakes and sauces.
• Sliced mango is easy to dehydrate for in school lunches and Scout hike scroggin.

Order Form

Use the above link if you find the embedded form below doesn’t work on your device.

Thank you for your order of lovely Mangos