Monster Raffle


There are more than 100 prizes in 2020, ranging from a Car, a Family holiday, Mountain Bikes, outdoor equipment or outdoor activities, Bluetooth Speakers, Headsets and Vouchers.

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Why should you help our Group sell Monster Raffle tickets?

Scouts Victoria runs the Raffle and covers all the costs of Prizes and overhead. The Group gets to keep every single $ we collect. All proceeds go to the Group, allowing us to fund new equipment or maintain existing equipment and infrastructure. This directly benefits your children.

Tickets are $2 each.    All families will be given 3 books of 10 tickets to sell.

You are asked to sell all the tickets allocated to you or if you prefer purchase them yourself.

If for some reason this is not possible, please advise the Group leader as soon as possible so that the Group is not liable for the unsold tickets.

All sold ticket butts, unsold tickets, and money must be returned by 31 July 2020
(it is a Raffle’s Board regulation that all monies/tickets must be accounted for).

Due to COVID-19, this year we will not be able to have the stalls in Puckle St or Union Rd. Additionally, since we have not collected fees for the 2020-2021 year, then we would hope that any remaining tickets from all 3 books could be purchased by the family.

Draw Information

4 SeptemberRaffle draw at Victorian Scout Centre at 11am
13 SeptemberRaffle results published on website and prizes distributed

Winners will be contacted by phone.