New Members

Try Out

We offer a three week trial period which should give you an opportunity to see if your child would like to join our Scout Group.

Prospective youth members should fill in the form below.

Prospective Youth Member Details (Y4)
Online completion, will be automatically emailed to the Group Leader.

The process / What to expect.

Joining Scouts is a multi step process as follows:

  • Complete the Prospective Youth Member Details (Y4) form (above).
  • You will be added to our eMailing list so that you know what’s happening.
  • We send you an eMail via Scouts Victoria with an Invite for more detailed Member Details.
  • Complete the Member Details Invite.
  • We will send you an Invoice for the Membership (see Fees).
  • Payment of the invoice will formalise the Scouts Victoria Membership.
  • After Membership is obtained, a request for Health Information will be sent from Operoo.
  • Please complete and share the Health Information with our Scout Group.

More information about Operoo can be found on the Scouts Victoria Website – FAQ.
Parent information is on the Scouts Victoria Parent Guide

If you would like more information, please use the Contact Form.

Thank you for Joining Scouts @ 15th Essendon Sea Scouts.