Honour Roll

Joey Scout Promise Challenge

Joey Scouts must complete a number of tasks demonstrating their understanding of the Promise.


Grey Wolf Award

Cub Scouts who have earned their Gold Boomerang Badge, and a number of other badges can then complete further tasks including planning and leading a hike or day walk for a group of Cub Scouts to receive the Grey Wolf Award.

2006Eden O’Farrell
2007Andrew Christensen
2008George Avram
 Stewart Christensen
 Drew Honeyborne
 Brendan Miller
2009Corina Cariaga
 Madeline Webb
 Imogen Thomas
 Kathleen Webb
2010Dirk Arends
 Zoe Kermonde
2011Freya Hamilton
2013Catherine Honeyborne
 Jesse Pryor
2014Martyn Arends
2015Aston Smith
2016Tahlia Watson
Lexandra Carabott
Eve Dipetta
2017Andera Berge
2018Dallas Watson
Jacob Cullen
2019Charlie Cox

Tristen Berge
Hannah Bourne

Premier Scout Award

1996Bryce Bannon
 David Cox
 Richard Smith
 Ben Williams
1998Stuart Higgins
1999Christian Marsh
 David Simpson
 Kevin Weston
 Tim Williams
2000Hamish Stewart
 Julian Coleman
2002Ailsa Finlayson
 Christopher Paulin

2003 – Award changed from Premier Scout Award to Australian Scout Medallion

Australian Scout Medallion

The Australian Scout Medallion can be earned by Scouts who have achieved their Adventurer Cord, and have demonstrated their Leadership abilities.

2004Alice Forbes
 Thomas French
 Amanda Kaczmarek
 Alexander Simmons
 Emma Thorburn
2006Meredith Bates
 Katie Jessup
2007Kate French
 Sam Thornburn
2008Andrew Bates
 Tom Hays
 Darcy Ryan
2009Michael Samarin
2010Meika Clark
2012Brendan Miller
2014Dirk Arends
Kathleen Webb
Zoe Kermonde
2015Freya Hamilton
2017Rebecca Geary
2018Martyn Arends
Alex Hamilton
2019Thea Edgar
Nicholas Botheras
Kristen Oklobdzija
Paris Docherty
Meg Daniell

Queen’s Scout Award

Venturer Scouts achieve the Queen’s Scout Award through completing requirements in Outdoor Activities, Community Involvement, Leadership Development and Personal Growth.

1957Peter Flint
1959Ian Ross
1967Jim Sifonios
 Lindsay Hasty
1970Robert Lewis
 Peter Ross
 Udo Ahmling
1972Kim Girdler
 Michael Girdler
 Robert Godkin
1978Geoff Chambers
1980Robert Goodie
1981Grant Sutton
 Mark Pott
1982Declon O’Farrell
 Sally Eskdale
 Murray Eskdale
1983Steven Leversha
1984Robert Arends
 Mark Jayasekera
1988Andrew Hayward
1997James Ryall
 Mandy Bannon
 Meredith Rees
1998Sue Peng Lim
 Carl Ruban
 Matthew Briers
 Paul Elliott
1999Katherine Marsh
2000Bryce Bannon
 David Cox
2002Alexandria Marsh
 Stuart Higgins
2003Broderick Helmers
2016Brendan Miller
Lily Kenna
2017Dirk Arends
Katharine Barroclough
2018Zoe Kermonde
2019Freya Hamilton

Baden-Powell Scout Award

Rover Scouts earn the Baden-Powell Scout Award through setting themselves a challenging task taking into consideration the Aims of Scouting.

2000Jason Troy

W.F. Waters Award

Outstanding service to the Rover section

2000Jason Troy

Group Leaders

Start DateEnd DateName
1952 Oct1964 JuneEric Fynmore
1964 June1966 JulyG.A. Simpson
1966 July1969 NovNorris Ross
1969 Nov1974 OctJoseph Godkin
1974 Oct1985 MarchBarry Sutton
1985 March1987 MayAnne Keehner
1987 June1995 AprilRudolf Arends
1995 April2000 MarchDavid Bannon
2000 March2002 MarchShauna Coleman
2002 March2006 JunePaloma Coleman
2006 Nov2011 DecRudolf Arends
2012 Jan2015 AugHeather Honeyborne
2015 Aug Jason Troy