Mango Mania 2019

What to do:

  1. Ask around amongst family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.
  2. Collect money from those who you are ordering for.
  3. Keep a record of those who have ordered via you, so that you can deliver them.
  4. Transfer the total payment for your orders into the Group bank account:
    “15th Essendon Scout Parents Committee”  BSB 633000 Account 137630901.
    Please use the reference “FR {Scout family name}” in the bank deposit details.
    ’FR’ helps our Treasurer identify your deposit as Fund Raising and your Cub/Scout’s family name helps to reconcile who the payment is from.
  5. Fill in the order form below.
  6. We’ll email you once the mangoes are ripe and we know the delivery date, and to arrange for you to pick up your total order on the delivery day.  Expected delivery mid-November.  Bring on the taste of summer!
  7. You distribute the mangoes to your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.